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Home Based ESL Tutors

job posting no longer active
Job Industry E-Learning
Job Type Part-Time
Experience Level Entry Level
Date Posted 2021-01-25
Job Location Skype
Work-from-Home/Telecommute Offered
Company Information Bridge LTD Japan
Company name Corporation BRIDGE
location 61-6 Hiroji-cho Plum Garden Showa Ward Nagoya City Aichi Prefecture
phone 050-3680-4631
Establishment February 2010
Officer Representative Director Kenichi Ishihara
Job Description This is a one-on-one audio-video online English language teaching job. Our learners are Japanese people from ages 3-95 years old and of varying ESL levels. We have morning and evening shifts daily. This is booking system. ESL tutors must be able to guide the Japanese learners to communicate in English language.
Job Qualifications 1. at least high school graduate, fluent in spoken English with neutral accent
2. adept in using the internet specially Skype and Moodle
3. must have a laptop or desktop with at least Windows 7 OS
4. must have a wired/cabled DSL at home
5. willing to undergo training
6. must be responsible and professional
7. must be patient in handling beginner students
8. preferably female
Number of Job Opening 10
Highest Education Attainment At least Vocational Graduate
How to apply to this job email the following documents to apply:

1. updated resume with latest photo
2. scanned copy of DSL billing

email address:
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